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Allstate Dealer Services

Sales support

We have more than 300 associates focused on your success. From the East Coast to Alaska and Hawaii, we are standing by to support your accounts and help you close your next deal.

Technology in your dealer's store

Allstate Dealer Services offers complete technology solutions. Integration with your dealers’ DMS is available as an option for most eRating and eContracting solutions we offer and eliminates redundant data entry, reducing wait time for your customers. You can learn more about our technology offerings in the Dealer section.

Agent Central

Today’s business environment requires information on the go. Agent Central is an innovative business management tool available online and optimized for your tablet and mobile device. Quickly access your business metrics, reports, documents, training material, notifications and sales presentations all from one central location.

Dealer Portal

Dealer Portal is utilized within your dealerships to electronically rate, contract and remit Allstate F&I products. Dealer Portal enables you to submit claims electronically, and review claims history and status after submission. eClaims is available for the VSC, Limited Warranty, Tire & Wheel, Paint & Fabric Defense and Complete Protection products.


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