Dealer Portal is a web-based tool designed to facilitate business-to-business transactions between Allstate Dealer Services and our partner Dealerships and Agencies.

What is it used for?

  • Dealer Portal is utilized within dealerships to electronically rate, contract and remit Allstate F&I products.

How does Dealer Portal work?

  • The system rates each product based on the vehicle details provided by either manual data entry or imported from the dealer’s DMS. Dealer Portal supports operations from both the F&I Office and the Back Office of the dealership as well as the Agency representing that dealership.

Benefits of Using the Dealer Portal

  • Submitting paper contracts is a thing of the past when using Dealer Portal. Dealers using the Dealer Portal to submit their business no longer need to submit paper copies of contracts when remitting business. Dealers are required to keep a signed copy of the contract on file in their offices.
  • Free integration with the dealer's DMS reduces keying and the potential for errors. Dealer Management Systems supported include Reynolds & Reynolds, ADP, Dealertrack (Arkona), Automate and Advent.
  • The Selective Remittance feature allows dealership back-office administrators to choose business to remit to ADS and be billed for only those contracts they submit at the time of remittance.
  • Contracts that don’t meet funding criteria or must be unwound for other reasons can be voided at any time by the Dealer up to the time of remittance.

How to Sign Up for Dealer Portal

  • Dealers should speak with their agents about setting up a Dealer Portal account.



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